About Us

We document and imagine.
We listen and interpret and translate.
This is theatre for us and you.

For the people that get left out of the story books,
For the Nine to Five and the routine,
And for fantasy, and imagination,
And all the wonderful things that just haven’t happened yet.

This is theatre that takes life as it is.
That doesn’t sugarcoat or mock.
Theatre that glories in the little absurdities of real life.

The Flickbook Theatre Philosophy:

Whatever floats your boat (but doesn't sink anyone else's).

We formed in January 2014 as undergraduates intent on devising vibrant and brave theatre. We performed our debut production Three Words in May 2014. This was a manifesto for what we felt theatre must be: joyous, live, alive, exciting and accessible. Now, almost three years on, we have toured our second show Cartography and are preparing to make our third show, Casket Case. We are also now associate artists of In Good Company until 2018. They will be working with us for two years, supporting us in our practise and development.

Meet the Team


Becky works at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and regularly performs with companies around the East Midlands including Derby’s 1623. Becky has a keen interest in stuffed toys, caramel fudge and Timmy Time.


Tom is a director, writer, performer and outreach practitioner working with groups around Lincolnshire including the Lincolnshire One Venues Young People’s Programme, Script This and BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Tom is co Producer of the Spud Collective, a network for local creatives, with Phoebe Wall-Palmer (Flickbook Theatre), Simon Hollingworth (Independent Producer) & Charlie Kemp (Open Plan) Tom enjoys bad films, particularly anything featuring Christopher Walken.


Phoebe is a performer, deviser and freelance producer. She also works at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre as their Box Office Coordinator. She's currently working with emerging East Midlands company EchoEchoEcho (Producer) and Pop Out Festival at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (Assistant Producer). She is also performing with Zest Theatre (First Person; Lost Village). Phoebe is co Producer of Spud Collective, a network for local creatives, with Tom (Flickbook Theatre), Simon Hollingworth (Independent Producer) & Charlie Kemp (Open Plan). Otherwise, Phoebe tries to play the ukulele and is never happier than with a cheese board full of cheese.


Jozey is an actress working in Lincolnshire. As well as attending the University of Lincoln, she has trained at the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester and attended West End Masterclass in London. Jozey spends much of her free time with Noah and Pip, her instruments, and has an unhealthy obsession with chips.

Associate Artists


Shellie has stage managed and designed both Three Words and Cartography, she has also worked as a technician at The Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln Theatre Royal & Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Shellie enjoys pictures of monkeys.


Gabby is a performer, musician and designer working in Manchester, she often comes back to oversee the music in our work.


Abbi attended the Edinburgh School of Lighting and Sound and is now a freelance stage manager working at Summerhall, Assembly Rooms and with Tangled Feet to name just a few. Abbi can often be found around Gravy.


Sam has performed in Theatre In Education work around the East Midlands and is now working with Schools in Lincolnshire to become a full time teacher.